Doctoral studies

Doctoral studies

Interested students can prepare a doctoral thesis in one of AHSICT's three Research Centers. These three centers also have laboratories or research units that can accommodate students who have graduated from a research master's degree in "Science and Technology".

Conditions of access to doctoral thesis:

Students with a Master's degree (ex DEA) are eligible for enrolment in a doctoral thesis. The research master's degree, the first stage of doctoral studies, makes it possible to:

  • Carry out an in-depth study, fundamental research and prepare for research careers (teacher-researchers, researchers, research engineers) ;
  • Train in technology and prepare for Research and Development (R&D) jobs in companies.

In addition, depending on the student's profile, exemptions may be granted.

Derogations granted:

  • to candidates holding the degree of professional master's degree;
  • to candidates who have completed studies of equivalent level (BAC + 5) and who have validated certain training modules necessary for the feasibility of the proposed thesis.

Authorization for doctoral enrolment and waivers of diploma requirements are given by the Director of Research and Technological Innovation after approval by the Director General of AHSICT and the opinion of the Thesis Director.

Candidates for admission to a thesis

The AHSICT Thesis Charter specifies the respective rights and duties of the various actors involved in the thesis work. The doctoral student, the thesis director, the director of the affiliated research center and the school's director of research and technological innovation sign this charter at the time of each doctoral student's first thesis registration.

With a letter of application (or motivation), accompanied by a CV, candidates for the preparation of a thesis must first contact the heads of the research department. The written agreement of a thesis director agreeing to supervise the research work over a period of 3 years is a prerequisite for any admission.

Course of the thesis

The initial duration of the doctoral preparation is three years. As such, doctoral enrolment must be renewed at the beginning of each academic year. At the time of registration, candidates submit the subject of their research, after validation by their thesis director.

The duties of thesis director may be carried out by university professors and persons qualified to conduct research. Candidates carry out their work under the responsibility of their thesis director and under the supervision of a supervisor.

The duration of the work is 3 years. Beyond that, an additional year may be granted by the Director General of the school by way of derogation at the reasoned request of the candidate and after consulting the thesis director.

During the three years of study, the doctoral student may benefit from different types of funding depending on the subject initiated (research grant, scholarship, research contract, etc.).

The supervision or co-direction of thesis can be done jointly (or in partnership) with universities and High Scholls in Côte d'Ivoire and France.